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Hey everyone! I’m sorry that it has taken this long to get this out to you guys, but without further adieu – here is Sophia’s  FULL Schön! Magazine interview.

On the phone with Sophia Lillis. 

Sophia Lillis shot into the spotlight in last year’s IT, but 2018 has even more in store for the sixteen-year old in the form of HBO’s Sharp Objects. We talk to this atypical teenager about ‘80s sounds’, staying in and spongebob squarepants. 

Sophia Lillis grew up watching classic European cinema which, she says, her parents “kind of drilled into my head and I learnt to like it!’ She caught the acting bug at seven after appearing in a production for her step-fathers film class and was soon enrolled at the famous Lee Strasberg Institute, where she honed her craft for several years. It was in 2017 though, in her first big studio production, that Lillis really caught the critics’ attention as Beverly Marsh in the adaptation of Stephen King’s horror IT. 

You did a few shorts and indie films before IT. How did they prepare you for that? 

I had experience of what set is like. Not everything is organized as they claim. Actually it’s disorganized. Everything Changes at the last second and if they can’t do something,they have to quickly think of another way to get that shot. Everything is so time-based and so mixed up and you just have to learn how to deal with that situation. When I was on set for IT, it was a studio film, and everything was bigger, but it still had that same feel.

You’re often described as a rising or breakout star. Does that put pressure on you? 

I don’t really pay much attention to it. I just think I got into this film and it was nice and hopefully it will lead to more films that I would enjoy doing.

You’ve been spotted at catwalk shows such as Miu Miu. Is fashion something you’re interested in?

Being in this career started this whole new world, including fashion. I didn’t really know much about it until after IT came out and all this publicity stuff came in. It’s a part of my life now, something I can’t ignore. I’m really starting to enjoy fashion. I want to know more about it.

Next up for you is Sharp Objects in which you portray a younger version of the character also played by Amy Adams. Did you get to work with her at all?

Besides transition scenes from younger to older, older to younger, no I didn’t really see her around.

So how do you go about making sure the performances work together and convincing the audience that you are the same person? 

We were similar already. They said I looked like her when she was younger, except they had to put a prosthetic on my nose because her nose is slightly different and that was not fun. It was a lot, a lot of makeup.

The story deals with Munchausen Syndrome. Did you know much about that before and how did you prepare for the role?

Yes, the mother has that. I read the book after I got the part. It tells the whole story, so I knew what my character was dealing with when she was my age. It is a bit scary to think about. It was a hard experience for my character to deal with this mother who doesn’t really feel, who doesn’t really love her.

That’s a bit of a recurring theme in your roles.

Yes, it seems to be. I always have really depressing roles and not good relationships with my parents, but I don’t think that’s true in real life!

And yet, I hear you are more into comedy and animation. 

I love animation, I love to draw so maybe one day I can do something with that – and also comedy. My favorite actors were Bill Murray and Steve Martin, who were both in Saturday Night Live and so I grew up loving them. I still do.

As well as drawing and painting, you’re into photography. Is that something you’ve ever thought of taking up professionally. 

I think I’m always going to be an answer. I started that job early and I think it’s stuck with me now. No, I enjoy it, but I do take a lot of after school classes. I take a figure drawing class, I’m going to start taking up tap dance, I have piano and singing lessons. So, it’s all filled up at the moment actually.

It must be difficult to juggle all of that with school and an acting career. How do you manage it?

It is hard to balance both, but I usually just try to organize my time, spend part of my time working on scripts and for auctions and then part of it on focusing on studying for tests. Once you have control over it and what time to switch, it’s easier to find time for both.

Mainly what I’m focusing on is high school, then I’m going to work more on acting. I do still audition, and some work is still up in the air, so I think there are a few things in store, but right now I’m working on high school and my school is very nice. They are a theatre school, so I am definitely encouraged.

You’re into a lot of 80s’ and 90s’ bands, which is quite unusual at your age. Are you not a fan of contemporary music? 

I tried getting into modern music but couldn’t. I don’t know why? I grew up listening to what my mom had on her phone – The Cranberries, B52s, Talking Heads – so I got really into the genre. I’ve started also getting a lot into musicals because my school’s in Times Square. There’s a Spongebob musical that’s out and I know it’s weird but it’s blocks from my school and I watched it and it’s really good!

So what would be on your ultimate party playlist? 

Honestly, I guess if I was ever at a party and in charge of the music, I think just musicals. I actually do only listen to musicals. There’s ‘Be More Chill’ which I got really into, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ is already on my phone, falsettos.

You’re not much of a party animal then? 

I’m definitely not. I share a birthday with my brother because we’re twins and he kind of wants to do something, go out. I just want to sleep. Staying at home would be the best birthday ever!

‘Sharp Objects‘ airs on HBO this Summer.

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